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Another Cop Gone Rogue, Finds Couple’s Wedding Ring

When are these out of control Law Enforcement Officers going to stop poking their nose into everyone’s business?

Take a look at what this cop was reportedly doing:

A fun night out with girlfriends quickly went downhill when a Chelsea woman’s expensive diamond ring went down the drain while she was washing her hands in the bathroom of a Birmingham restaurant.

Leslie Shannon and her friends literally pulled the pipes apart in a frantic effort to retrieve the symbol of the love she and her husband share. Two and a half hours later, they reluctantly gave up and considered the ring long gone into Jefferson County’s sewer system.

But a Birmingham police officer saved the ring, and Shannon’s weekend. North Precinct Officer Travis Hendrix worked throughout Saturday’s early-morning hours and took extraordinary measures to get that ring back on Shannon’s finger.

Thanks Officer Travis Hendrix!

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