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Cookie Monster Arrested in Times Square

Remember when it was Mr. Rogers that always sketched us out a little? Go figure that it would be the Sesame Street characters would grow up to be perverts and anti-Semitic rac8st thugs…via Gothamist:

A 16-year-old tourist was groped in Times Square on Sunday as she visited Times Square with a tour group. The alleged perpetrator is a New Jersey man who was working in Times Square dressed as the beloved sugar-addicted character Cookie Monster from Sesame Street and Monsterpiece Theater.
Perez’s arrest is the latest incident involving the Times Square “costumed characters.” A mentally ill man who dresses as Elmo has been arrested multiple times for disorderly conduct after he accosted passersby with anti-Semitic remarks.


The last thing America needs is another Clinton or Bush in the White House!

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